House of the Dragon Star Discusses Crabfeeder's Familiar Mask, 'Beastly' Appearance

There is little doubt that Craghas Drahar had a distinct and terrifying look in the recent episodes of House of the Dragon. However, some Game of Thrones fans are pointing out that the Crabfeeder's mask looked familiar. Not surprisingly, Daniel Scott-Smith confirms that the mask is supposed to give people some creepy nostalgia. In addition to that, the actor shares his insight on his character's "beastly" appearance.

Craghas Drahar was first shown in the second episode of House of the Dragon but the Crabfeeder played a larger role in last Sunday's episode. It was here that people got a good look at Drahar's mask which resembles the masks worn by the Sons of the Harpy who antagonized Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen.

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Interestingly, Daniel Scott-Smith told Entertainment Weekly that the mask was supposed to make people feel somehow nostalgic.

"It was definitely a nod to that for, I guess, the fans, because it's something familiar for them," Scott-Smith said. He went on to state that it somehow connects to Game of Thrones and gives the mask some interesting history.

"We spoke about the idea of him being the first person to wear this mask and it becoming iconic and, therefore, it's built from that [for Game of Thrones]... Why is he wearing the mask? How does he feel about that? It's a power statement, so he's quite happy wearing it," Scott-Smith said.

The actor also pointed out that Drahar is a prince-admiral so he has a royal air to him as well as a feral side.

"We wanted to show the more prince, royal side, but then we also wanted to show the more feral side, which came through when he holds the hammer," Scott-Smith said. "We wanted the idea of the hammer turning him into more of a beastly character."

Unfortunately, we won't see more of the Crabfeeder as Daemon Targaryen has chopped him into pieces. Still, Drahar was an awesome villain that we enjoyed seeing.

House of the Dragon Episode 4 is titled King of the Narrow Sea. The new episode will premiere on HBO on Sunday, September 11, 2022, at 9:00 PM EST.

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