House of the Dragon: Emma D'Arcy Weighs in on Rhaenyra and Daemon's Incestuous Relationship

House of the Dragon Episode 6 finally welcomes Emma D'Arcy to play the grown-up version of Rhaenyra Targaryen, a role previously played by Milly Alcock throughout the premiere until the fifth episode of the Game of Thrones prequel series.

D'Arcy's arrival in Episode 6 highlights Rhaenyra's childbirth and how she plays the Game of Thrones against Alicent (Olivia Cooke). But before the audience descended into the two female lead's rivalry, they first witnessed an unforgettable incestuous make-out between Rhaenyra and Daemon (Matt Smith) in Episode 4.

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Now that D'Arcy — who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, will continue to portray Rhaenyra in the future seasons of House of the Dragon, they recently revealed in an interview with The Independent their thoughts about Rhaenyra and Daemon's bizarre relationship.

“My takeaway was that he couldn’t follow through," D'Arcy said. “It’s very much open to interpretation but I think impotence is a big theme with Daemon. So that’s my read on it.”

They add, “I suppose I read the sexual tension [between Rhaenyra and Daemon] from quite early. This isn’t something I know a lot about, but I do know that something very electric and erotic can happen between people who share genetic material and don’t grow up together.”

Lastly, D'Arcy believes that Rhaenyra finds it "exciting yet "dangerous" that her uncle Daemon is openly critical of his father, King Viserys (Paddy Considine).

“That’s always exciting and dangerous, especially when one is young,” D'Arcy laughed, saying: “He offers Rhaenyra new horizons, and I don’t know about you, but I find that a deeply attractive quality in a person.”

It's absolutely intriguing what would happen between Rhaenyra and Daemon's relationship as their bid on the Iron Throne grows bigger. But those who read George R.R. Martin's source material, Fire & Blood, surely know how the sexual tension between the two Targaryens would tragically conclude.

House of the Dragon is streaming on HBO Max.

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