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House of the Dragon: Did Aemond Want to Kill Lucerys?

Did Aemond want to Kill Lucerys
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The ending of House of the Dragon was nothing short of explosive, reminding fans of good old GoT before the later, disappointing season. But those who've read the books might question Aemond's behavior in the end, while those who only watch the series might be perplexed by the conversation. So, did Aemond want to kill Lucerys in House of the Dragon?

How Did Lucerys Die?

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When Lord Corlys' support increased Rhaenyra's confidence in her claim to the Iron Throne, she agreed to send her eldest sons, Jacaeyrs and Lucerys to remind her bannermen of their vows and ask for their support.

Luke was meant to see Lord Borros Baratheon but, to his shock, Aemond was there, having just secured a betrothal with one of Baratheon's daughters.

Aemond angrily asks Luke to give him an eye as retribution for cutting out Aemond's eye when they were children. Luke is escorted out of Lord Borros' halls and to his dragon, but Aemond goes after him and starts pursuing him with his dragon, Vhagar.

Eventually, both riders get caught up in a storm and lose control of their dragons. The chase result in Vhagar eating both Luke and his dragon.

Why Did Aemond Kill Lucerys?

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While Aemond is undoubtedly a villain, the tv show made an attempt at humanizing him a bit. Several scenes that take place during the young princes' childhood suggest that Aegon was a bit of a scapegoat. 

Unlike his siblings and nephews, he didn't get his own dragon and was ridiculed for it. Moreover, he grew up watching his mother preparing his much less competent elder brother to rule, even though Aegon was ungrateful and unprepared for any sort of power.

When he claimed Vhagar, Aemond became completely unhinged and, following his attack against his nephews, he lost an eye at the hand of Lucerys Velaryon.

Since then he has hated his nephews even more and, given his reaction in Episode 10, it's clear that he always wanted to get even with Luke. But did he mean to go that far?

Did Aemond Want to Kill Lucerys?

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The book makes no implication that Aemond's murder of his nephew was unintentional. The tv show, on the other hand, adds some depth by showing that Aemond is at least shaken by the implications of what he did. 

In the show, much of the tragic outcome seems to be attributed to the young riders' inexperience, rather than solely to their rivalry.

Aemond is seen trying to stop Vhagar, who, however, no longer listens to him, and, by the end of it, Aemond seems devastated.

So, what were Aemond's intentions? The show doesn't make that completely clear. It could be that he only wanted to intimidate Lucerys rather than kill him, and he just realized that his impulsiveness went too far.

Of course, knowing his character, it's also possible that Aemond realized the political implications of his actions, as Lucerys' death is what kicked off the civil war known as the Dance of Dragons.

While Aemond is a villain, he's seen to be more honorable than his eldest brother, as he at least cares about his family's well-being and is prepared to carry out any duty his mother assigns to him.

As such, he might already understand that his actions will cause his family great pain. Whatever the case, it can be argued that Aemond's remorse makes him a more rounded character even if we don't know the exact reasons behind it.

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