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House of the Dragon: Who Does Rhaenyra Marry?

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Who Does Rhaenyra Marry in House of the Dragon
Credit: HBO

As a medieval fantasy series, House of the Dragon is very much focused on royal marriages. So, who does Rhaenyra marry in House of the Dragon?

Warning: book spoilers below:

Does Rhaneyra Marry Laenor Velaryon?

Does Rhaneyra Marry Laenor Velaryon
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Credit: HBO

In the George R. R. Martin story The Princess and the Queen, Rhaneyra marries Ser Laenor Velaryon -- a development we also see in the first half of the HBO series.

As heir to the Iron Throne, Rhaenyra is the most sought-after bride in the Seven Kingdoms, much to her dismay, as the suitors are only interested in her birthright.

Rhaenyra rejects many marriage proposals but eventually she realizes she cannot keep doing so if she's going to remain heir to the throne.

After Rhaenyra is spotted at a brothel with her uncle Daemon, her father is adamant that she should marry immediately, as this is perceived in-universe as a compromise of her honor.

The houses Targaryen and Velaryon used to be close due to their mutual Valyrian heritage, but they fell apart when King Viserys rejected the suggestion of Corlys Velaryon to marry his daughter, Laena.

Since then, Corlys departed from court in unfriendly terms with the crown.

Complicating the marriage is the fact that Laenor Velaryon is gay and has a lover.

While the marriage goes on, Leanor and Rhaenyra mutually agree to have lovers to try and be happy.

Their three children are actually fathered by Sir Harwin Strong, which causes Rhaneyra's claim to the throne to be further questioned.

In the books, Leanor dies before the civil war that comes to be known as Dance of Dragons begins, leading Rhaenyra to take another husband.

It's implied though not confirmed that Daemon and Rhaenyra might have played a role in Laenor's demise in order to marry each other.

Thankfully, the tv show gives a much more heartwarming conclusion -- which is rare for GoT.

In the series, Rhaenyra realizes that unless she has legitimate children -- and someone by her side who will protect the sons she already has -- she won't win the throne.

Moreover, she fully realizes her feelings for Daemon but still cares about Laenor and wishes him well.

To get out of an impossible situation, she and Laenor orchestrate the latter's death, leaving him free to flee with his lover.

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Who Else Does Rhaenyra Marry in House of the Dragon?

Who Does Rhaenyra Marry in House of the Dragon 2
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Credit: HBO

We have established that Rhaenyra does marry Ser Laenor Velaryon, but this isn't all the story has in store for her.

After heavy foreshadowing, Rhaenyra eventually ends up with Daemon Targaryen after the disappearance of her first husband.

This is a highly controversial choice, even when the fact that Targaryens usually marry family members is taken into account.

The tv show sheds more light on their marriage, confirming that Daemon loves Rhaenyra and, while the marriage aids his ambition, it isn't solely a political choice.


With Daemon, Rhaenyra has three more children, one of whom ends up on the Iron Throne after a long and bloody conflict that saw the House Targaryen much diminished.

Does Rhaenyra Marry Anyone Else?

Who Does Rhaenyra Marry
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Credit: HBO

In the books, Rhaenyra doesn't marry anyone else, and we expect the series to follow course.

While Rhaenyra does have first Criston Cole and later Harwin Strong as lovers, she eventually ends up with Daemon, though we have yet to see what Season 2 has in store for the future.

House of the Dragon Season 2 has been confirmed and will hopefully air in 2024.

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