25 Feb 2020 4:33 PM +00:00 UTC

Honest Trailers: Did Frozen 2 Steal the Plot of Thor Ragnarok?


Frozen II was one of the biggest animated films to come out last year, and with the movie hitting home release, Screen Junkies has come out with their Honest Trailer take on Anna and Elsa’s latest adventure.

Six years after Frozen melted your heart, you grew up and moved on to better things, but when there’s money to be made, some companies just can’t let it go in this scattershot follow-up wrapped around an album’s worth of b-sides that’s vague and world-build-y enough to set the stage for Frozens 3 through 7 and a half, Scamp’s Adventure.


Personally, I liked the film, but the trailer does point out a lot of flaws. Probably the most glaring one is Kristoff’s journey, and he’s mostly just spending the film bumbling about how to propose to Anna. He doesn’t really have any meaningful character arc, seeing that most of the story was focused on the sisters’ development.

What’s more, the trailer also points out that the film spends a lot of time referencing the original film. Now while this may seem like a negative, I thought it was funny that Elsa would be embarrassed at herself when it came to the Let It Go reference.

With Frozen II being a huge success, there’s no doubt that Disney would want to pursue a third film. For now, it looks like the studio just wants to rest on its laurels for a bit. Hopefully, the next big Frozen movie will be more satisfying all around.

Frozen II is now available on digital and Blu-Ray/DVD.

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