03 Jan 2018 12:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Honest Trailers: Boss Baby Was Definitely One Of The Weirdest Movies Of 2017

Dreamworks Animation has given us box office gold with franchises like How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek, but 2017 gave us one of their weirdest films to date—The Boss Baby. Screen Junkies has just come out with their Honest Trailer for the film, and it rips at just how weird the movie turns out to be.

Check it out:

Has your child ever asked where babies come from? Get ready to dodge that question with 90 minutes of lies that will take years of therapy to undo


I’ll admit, I really wasn’t up for watching another Baby-centric movie, what with Storks film coming out the year before; but just watching random clips, you can say that Dreamworks has tried to build a surreal world where a baby speaks in the voice of Alec Baldwin, and a whole organization of them is trying to out-cute puppies.

The film actually made a whole lot of money for Dreamworks, and I’m wondering just what that means for a sequel. The film actually ends with the protagonist Tim grown up and having his own daughter, and I have a feeling this could all be set-up for another sequel.

Personally I’m just hoping they hurry up the work on How to Train Your Dragon 3.

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