How To Train Your Dragon 3 Finds Its Villain

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Disney may be dominating the box office with releases like Moana and Zootopia, but everyone still remembers DreamWorks' fantastic How to Train Your Dragon series. The third (and possibly final) movie is still in production, and the film has reportedly found someone to play its villain.

According to Deadline, veteran actor F. Murray Abraham has been cast as the primary antagonist for How to Train Your Dragon 3. Head of DreamWorks Animation Film Group Chris deFaria had this to say about the casting choice:


"We are thrilled that F. Murray Abraham has joined our How To Train Your Dragon 3 cast as the villainous Grimmel. This character brings a captivating new story line to the culmination of our trilogy. There is a gentlemanly calm to this sinister role, one that dovetails beautifully with this iconic actor's immense range and talents."

I'm very excited to see where the film series is going to end. Despite not getting that much attention as of late, the HTTYD franchise still has a huge fandom, and hundreds of fanart on the internet can testify to that.

With Hiccup taking over the village after the death of his father Stoick the Vast, I'm wondering just how this Grimmel character is going to be a new threat. I read somewhere before that the villain for the last film, Drago Bludvist, is supposed to be making a return in the last movie—with a more complex arc this time around.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 is set for a release on March 1, 2019.

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