10 Sep 2019 5:13 PM +00:00 UTC

Honest Trailers: Aladdin is yet Another Soulless Cash Grab

Besides The Lion King being the highest-earning animated movie by Disney, Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin also made more than a billion in the box office. With the movie hitting home video, Screen Junkies has put out their Honest Trailer take.

You’ve heard all the complaints about live-action Disney remakes: their soulless recreations, bland corporate storytelling, and cynical risk-averse cash grabs. Well, yeah, we should all know the deal by now, but as far as soulless cash grabs go, this one is clumsily entertaining enough to remind you how fun Aladdin is.


If you’re a fan of Guy Ritchie, you’ll know that Aladdin is very far off from his usual style. Even his period films like Sherlock Holmes didn’t feel the same. If anything, Ritchie hasn’t had a hit for a long while, and he sure could have used the win after Man from UNCLE and King Arthur failed to impress at the box office. Rumor has it that Disney is thinking about a sequel, but it looks like Ritchie won’t be attached any longer.

Personally, the only saving grace of the movie is Will Smith’s Genie, and it’s his charisma that saves the film from feeling more ‘corporate.’ He’s no Robin Williams, but he still manages to make the character his own, and you love every second that he’s onscreen. I honestly didn’t have any interest in any other character, and I thought they could have handled Jasmine’s song better instead of that weird timestop scene.

Aladdin is now available for digital and Blu-Ray/DVD.

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