Catch Honest Trailer for 1990's IT Before Watching IT: Chapter 2

The rebooted IT franchise is set to end with Chapter Two which comes out later this week, and Screen Junkies has released its Honest Trailer treatment for the original IT miniseries from 1990 starring Tim Curry.

Move over, Jared Leto, because it’s time to bow down to the real king of murder clowns, Tim Curry, a serial killing demon clown from the Bronx (?) who, due to network censorship guidelines, expresses his evil through bad teeth and mild Youtube pranks—he’s basically Logan Paul in clown face.

The trailer also goes on about how the second half with the adults is the more boring part of the story, and a lot of people think it could be the same with the upcoming IT sequel. With director Andy Muschietti taking liberties with the first film, I have a feeling that he’s going to be tweaking the story of the sequel as well to make it resonate with audiences more this time around.

Though some people still regard the 1990s IT as a cult classic, there are some that say that the series kind of doesn’t age well. If anything, Tim Curry’s Pennywise only really spooks you as a kid. Watching the series as an adult kind of doesn’t do much anymore.

For now, we’re set to end the story of Pennywise and the Loser’s Club with IT: Chapter Two. Though this is meant to be the end of the franchise, I have a feeling that a third movie can still take place in the form of a prequel. Then again, I’m pleased enough if they didn’t try to keep milking the franchise. Give it another 30 years, and we could be looking at a whole new reboot.

Catch IT: Chapter Two when it comes out Sept. 6.

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