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HIGHLIGHT Member Yoseob Announces SG Wannabe's First Snow Remake

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HIGHLIGHT member Yoseob has been flourishing his solo career after the K-pop group faced challenges in the past years.

From being a six-member group, HIGHLIGHT – formerly known as BEAST – currently promotes with its four members. Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, and Son Dongwoon continue BEAST's career under the new name.

After Yoon Junhyung and Jang Hyunseung left, the quartet still achieved critical accolades despite being called a recycled group. In addition, its members still expand their careers in different industries, with Yoseob being the latest HIGHLIGHT member to plan for a project.

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Yoseob's First Snow To Be Available In November 2021

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Multiple Korean news outlets (via AllKPop) disclosed on Monday that the HIGHLIGHT member would release his remake of SG Wannabe's First Snow within this month. The song is part of the group's 4.5 studio album Story In New York in 2007, featuring all three members.

First Snow serves as Chae Dong Ha's last song with the group before committing suicide in May 2011.

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It remains unknown when he would drop his rendition, but it will follow Yoseob's first full-length solo album following his military enlistment in January 2019. According to his agency, Around US Entertainment, the singer worked with several composers to build the song.

Apart from the music industry, Yoseob also set an impressive stint on MBC's The King of Mask Singer after serving the military.

How Yoseob Felt After Releasing Recent LP Chocolate Box

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In his most recent interview with The Korea Herald, Yoseob talked about experiencing butterflies and agitation after dropping new music.

"I had always set my heart on releasing a full-length album as a soloist. I shared my thoughts with my company, and they were positive as well. So the road to releasing my first LP wasn't that much of a hassle," he told the news outlet.

He also touched on the origin of his album concept, introducing a chocolate box-inspired album to fans. Yoseob ultimately used a metaphor and said people have different thoughts and feelings – becoming the K-pop idol's inspiration to his new album.

In the end, he expressed his gratitude toward fans who recognized him for being a hardworking singer, and his efforts had already paid off.

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