26 Dec 2019 3:32 PM +00:00 UTC

Here's When Titans Season 2 is Coming to Netflix

Titans Season 2 proved that it was worth a DC Universe subscription, in spite of all its flaws. While the tone can be all over the place, Titans' dedication to DC fanservice and cool fights is enough for some. While fans in North America have been enjoying the series on a weekly basis, other viewers all over the world don't have access to the DC Universe, with Netflix agreeing to show the series in countries outside of North America.

Fans who have Netflix in countries outside the US should see the release date on the service itself, while What's On Netflix confirmed to everyone who searches the web. Titans Season 2 will debut on Netflix on January 10 so if you're a DC fan in Argentina, France, The Philippines and so much more, we now have a date for this sometimes-stellar show.

Viewers who haven't been keeping up should know that Titans Season 2 quickly shrugs the Trigon threat in episode 1, with Deathstroke becoming the main villain fairly quickly. We also explore some of Starfire's past, recruit fan-favorites like Superboy and Aqualad, and witness plenty of fanservice along the way.

So, who is excited to finally see Titans Season 2 on Netflix? The second season is noteworthy of debuting several key DC names, including Bruce Wayne, Deathstroke, and so much more. Titans Season 2 will be coming to Netflix on January 10.

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