Here’s What Really Happened To Thanos’ Planet Titan

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Thanos' motivation in Avengers: Infinity War was pretty clear – the Mad Titan was setting out to bring balance to the universe by eliminating half of its living population. While many saw Thanos' mission as an act to end lives, the Mad Titan whole-heartedly believe that he was saving everyone else by clearing out the overpopulation. At one point, Thanos pulls out a heartbreaking personal story about how his planet turned into a wasteland because of increasing population and minimal resources.

What the character didn't explain was the real reason why Titan turned into the dusty planet that fans got to see in Infinity War.


Marvel just recently released the young adult novel Thanos: Titan Consumed (via, and in the book readers get to meet Thanos in the formative years and the years leading to point where he was driven away from his home.

Learning that his planet would eventually perish because of its dwindling resources, Thanos decided to approach his father for help. Turned away by his own father, the Titan decided to take his findings to the rest of the planet, inciting chaos in his home.

After convincing his fellows that their race would end if they didn't kill half of the population, riots broke out all over the planet with many people taking their own lives to keep everyone else alive. After causing so much chaos, Thanos was exiled – but that didn't really help at all. Even with the Mad Titan gone, the riots continued, and the planet fell into a state of destruction.

The story that Thanos gave in Infinity War was over simplified – this backstory actually causes so much heartbreak.

Now that the Mad Titan has finally completed his quest to bring balance to the universe by turning half of its living inhabitants to dust, the only question left is whether the Avengers can bring the dead back to life. Will Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans) and the rest of the A-Team be able to undo Thanos' massacre?

Let's wait and see.

Avengers 4 premieres May 3, 2019.

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