06 Dec 2018 6:08 PM +00:00 UTC

Captain Marvel’s Bored Look Has Fans Concerned About The Upcoming MCU Movie

The second trailer for Captain Marvel might have gotten fans jumping up and down with excitement after seeing all the power that Brie Larson's Carol Danvers actually has, but some still express concern about the actress' rather dull expression in most of the scenes in the promotional video.

Marvel fans have been discussing Larson's unimpressed demeanor on Reddit, sharing around a think piece by Forbes that tries to explain Carol Danvers' dull outlook in both trailers for Captain Marvel. While some might try to brush off the criticism as sexism that expects women to "cheer up" and "smile," some genuinely feel that Larson is actually playing an emotionally detached-character, her somber expression creating a stark contrast to her colorful red, gold, and blue Captain Marvel outfit.

According to Forbes, fans shouldn't be all that concerned about Larson's performance. In Captain Marvel, the actress isn't an Academy Award-winning actress playing a drama, she's an actress trying to play a jaded and hardened warrior returning home to the planet Earth. It's possible that after being turned into a human-Kree hybrid, Danvers became emotionally detached –after all, she did lose all her memories.


Still, while the publication's explanation seems like a good answer to the question why Captain Marvel looks so bored in all of her different scenes, it's pretty understandable why fans would continue to express concern over the character.

We're also pretty concerned that Captain Marvel might not turn out as everyone hopes it to be. In all honesty, some of the lines in the trailer seem pretty cringey and predictable. Still, we're hoping that the film explains Captain Marvel's excessively somber and unattached demeanor – maybe Danvers becomes more expressive as the movie goes along.

Let's wait and see.

Captain Marvel premieres March 8, 2019.

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