Here’s What John Cena Could Look Like As Captain America

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Image Credit: YouTube/WWE

Chris Evans' contract with Marvel Studios is coming to an end, and fans have been wondering who could take the actor's place like the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Captain America. There's been some speculation that John Cena might be a likely candidate thanks to a cryptic social media post that the wrestling superstar made online, and now, thanks to pop culture fan artist BossLogic, Marvel fans have an idea of what Cena might look like as the First Avenger.

As quick as a bee, BossLogic whipped up an art piece depicting what Cena might look like as the MCU's next Captain America. While we can't really see Cena's face because of the suit, the costume is definitely unique to the wrestler.


Check it out down here:

Unlike most of his art pieces which is a mix of the artist's photo and digital art, this new piece by BossLogic is pure digital art depicting a John Cena-inspired Captain America. It's a pretty interesting look, though we'd probably want to see Cena's face with the suit.


Other names that fans have been considering for the role of Marvel's First Avenger are the MCU's Sebastian Stan and of course, Anthony Mackie. While many have known Stan as Steve Roger's best friend, Bucky, the character has taken on the mantle of Captain America in the comics. Mackie's Falcon has also done the same.

Of course, Marvel could bring in a new face to take on the role, but fans would probably like to see a veteran take on the mantle knowing how important Captain America is to the franchise.

Check out Evan's last appearance as Captain America when Avengers 4 hits cinemas May 3, 2019.

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