Star Wars Reveals The Real Reason Why Han Got Kicked Out Of The Imperial Academy

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Solo: A Star Wars Story might have put the spotlight on every Star Wars fan's favorite smuggler, but the spinoff movie left out a few details regarding Han Solo's origin, one of which includes the real reason why Han ended up leaving the Empire's training program as an Imperial Cadet.

Sure, Solo did show Han leaving his work with the Empire on Mimban where the misfit was fighting in the frontlines of the war as punishment for his defiance at the Imperial Academy, however, we never did get to know why he ended up being thrown into the marshlands in the first place.

Now, thanks to Marvel Comics adaptation of Solo, we get to know the real reason why Han was thrown out of the Academy and into the muddy battlefields of Mimban.

Acting as a deleted scene for the Star Wars spinoff movie, this portion of the Solo comic reveals that Han was actually considered the best pilot at the academy – well until he decided to modify a TIE fighter. Out of control, the ship ended up taking down Han's own fighters while he was trying to go Solo and put an end to a group of Resistance raiders on the run.


Though Han took down the rebels, he had incurred heavey losses, endangering his fellow cadets and damaging Imperial equipment including satellites, space stations and the other men working for Palpatine.

Of course, it isn't shocking to see Han being as wild as this. The smuggler's always been a risk-taker and fans have seen him make a countless number of mistakes in the franchise before. Still, it's pretty interesting seeing Han being himself at the Imperial Academy.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available on home release.

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