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Henry Cavill Discusses Difficulties of Playing Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher

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Netflix's The Witcher is looking to be a solid adaptation of the game trilogy from CD Projekt Red, along with the original books that the video games were based on. While fans were shocked to see Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, he eventually changed people's minds once they saw what he looked like with all the makeup. Sure, he wasn't the original choice everyone had but there are far worse options.

However, just because he looks the part doesn't mean it's easy to be Geralt. While some might roll their eyes when they hear about the difficulties of being a beautiful man, the details Cavill revealed to Entertainment Tonight will make anyone sympathetic to the actor, even if they aren't fans of his.

Cavill revealed that they had to get the skin tone right, which took a lot of effort from the makeup team. After all, Geralt isn't your traditional caucasian man. The actor also brought up the cat-like eyes Geralt has, which results in him wearing contacts for these shoots. Cavill admits that they can take their toll on his eyes but he says it's worth it, which is good to hear.

Fans are hoping that all of this effort is worth it since everyone has high expectations for this show. The fact that it's under the Netflix umbrella is one thing and basing it on an acclaimed video game trilogy is another. Let's all hope for good things.

The Witcher will be coming to Netflix this Fall.

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