21 Oct 2021 9:31 PM +00:00 UTC

Hello Kitty Crossovers to Attack on Titan Preview

Hello Kitty and its company, Sanrio, have been in a lot of wild crossovers over the years, with Hello Kitty finding herself in several anime franchises including Mobile Suit Gundam, My Hero Academia, and Stein’s Gate. But now, it seems as though the albino cat is set to cross over to one of the darkest anime franchises around, Attack on Titan. With the fourth and final season of the franchise set to be released in January of next year, this crossover comes at a great time between the two anime franchises.

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The success of Hello Kitty cannot be exaggerated, having brought billions of dollars over the years for its parent company. Hello Kitty isn’t the only character that was created by the company to help sell merchandise, however, with such characters as Pompompurin, Keroppi, Bad Badtz-Maru, Cinnamoroll, and other characters rounding out the roster of Sanrio. One of the company’s latest popular characters has been Aggretsuko, with the raging fox’s anime series being released on Netflix, becoming a favorite of a lot of fans as it explores the normal life of the titular characters as she attempts to go through her office life while also letting her flag fly through death metal music.


A Twitter user, Attack on Titan Wiki, shared the preview for the upcoming crossover of Hello Kitty and Attack on Titan. The preview shows Hello Kitty universe and the various character of Sanrio will be wearing three-dimensional gear and joining the Scout Regiment as a part of Attack on Titan:


The fourth and final of one of the most popular anime franchise, Attack on Titan, has seen best of friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends, as a lot of things happen during the battle between the Marleyians and Eldians. With Eren Jaeger joining forces with his half-brother Zeke to enact the “Euthanasia Plan”, while also creating a new faction called Jaegerists, you can expect a lot of casualties and surprises when the second half of the series gets released in the first quarter of 2022.

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