07 Jun 2019 4:34 PM +00:00 UTC

HBO's Watchmen Gets Creepy New Rorschach-Style Promos

HBO's Watchmen is looking to be one of the more exciting television shows coming out, especially since it won't be a direct adaptation of the source material. Rather than cover what Zack Snyder's underrated movie already pulled off well, this will be more of a successor to those stories since it looks like it's set after the acclaimed graphic novel. So much for Doomsday Clock.

As we wait for the series to come out, HBO has released three cryptic teasers from the show's Instagram page. They've been doing this for a while now so fans who want to get into the show's lore should really follow the page. Either way, fans who want to see more of the creepy characters that the first trailer set up, these teasers are for you.

While the teasers are meant to invoke Rorschach, that character is dead and his legacy has inspired a number of people to put on similar masks. They seem to be more villainous than the vigilante ever was and reports claim that the leader of the group, who we might be seeing here, is called Looking Glass.


Tick tock?

No definite release date for the series has been revealed, though HBO did confirm that this new Watchmen series will be out by fall 2019.

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