HBO's Watchmen Set Photos Tease an Ozymandias Statue

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HBO has just dropped their new trailer for the Watchmen series, and the only original member we see return from the comics is Ozymandias played by Jeremy Irons. Since the series promises to follow the events of the original comics, some set photos seem to confirm that Adrian Veidt has become some kind of celebrated martyr.

Some set photos from Geek Vibes Nation tease the presence of an Ozymandias statue. Check it out:


Of course, it could be possible that this is just some statue that Veidt owns himself. If anything, he's one of the more arrogant characters in the series, and it's very possible that he would keep some memorabilia of his superhero days lying around.

If you've been following some of the set photos, you'll know that the effects of Ozy's alien squid genocide are pretty much felt in this world as well. There are signs for alien shelters, and it looks like Veidt had been following up the incident with smaller attacks to keep people convinced that aliens are after them. Of course, that latter bit is just my speculation, but it would be interesting to see how Veidt planned to keep his ruse decades after the events that took place in the 80s.

Personally, I want to see what's happened with the other surviving Watchmen like Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Jupiter. We know that Rorschach inspired a cult, and I'm almost sure Dr. Manhattan will make some kind of appearance.

HBO's Watchmen is set to premiere sometime this fall.

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