HBO Max is Developing a Show Centered on DC's Blue Beetle

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HBO is set to enter the streaming wars with HBO Max, and they were already said to be developing a DC series in the form of Green Lantern. What's interesting is, a rumor has come out that HBO is looking to make another DC superhero show.

According to insider Daniel Richtman (via CBR), HBO is working on a series based on Blue Beetle. No other details have been provided for the show, but seeing as a Blue Beetle project was said to have been in development for years, it kind of makes sense that HBO would jump at the chance to make a series.

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via: DC Comics


In the comics, Jaime Reyes is granted powers by a mystical scarab that grants him alien armor which he uses to fight crime as the Blue Beetle. The character is actually good friends with another B-list hero, Booster Gold, and it wasn't too long ago that it was rumored that WB was working on a buddy-cop film for both characters.

With this Blue Beetle show in development, I can't help but think that the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie project is dead. I would actually love to see the DCEU keep going at it. The studio has been finding hit after hit after Aquaman, and I'm eager for them to try out more unknown characters as they did with Shazam!.

No release date has been set for this Blue Beetle series, but if it's in early development, I guess we could see something happen by 2022. HBO Max is set to officially launch this May.

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