HBO Exec Shares Promising Status on Other Game of Thrones Spinoffs

The Game of Thrones franchise is an ongoing series of spinoffs and novels by George R.R. Martin, and seeing how the expanded land of Westeros continues to reveal its secrets and houses over time, there is no denying that it doesn’t stop with just House of the Dragon. In fact, a Jon Snow spinoff has been highly anticipated amidst the Game of Thrones spinoff, and now, a promising update on the status of more potential spinoffs has been revealed.

“Remember, to get House of the Dragon following up from Game of Thrones, we developed a lot of shows, shot a pilot, developed a bunch of scripts and we got House of the Dragon,” HBO and HBO Max content CEO Casey Bloys revealed in a recent interview with Variety.

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“To do that again is going to take the same amount of effort. You have to develop a lot of things, try things. You never know what’s going to work. So we’re currently doing that.” Bloys continued, “I’m not opposed to any number of shows. There’s probably a natural limit to how many fans want, but I’m open to any as long as we feel really good about the scripts and the prospects for a series.”

Seeing how the ending of Game of Thrones is still considered a controversial ending, especially since it was created and filmed ahead of Martin’s progress with the novel series, it is crucial that the upcoming shows related to the franchise are taken with extreme attention to detail before progressing, which explains the success of House of the Dragon on HBO Max.

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The HBO and HBO Max content CEO is very much on the same page with both fans and Martin: “It takes a while to get one that hits the mark… I know [franchise creator] George [R.R. Martin] feels the same way. You want to do one that everybody’s really proud of and excited about.”

For now, HBO’s House of the Dragon Season 2 is expected to release in Summer 2024.

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