HBO Boss Reportedly Hoping Watchmen Gets Series Order

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HBO's upcoming Watchmen show has a lot of people excited and nervous at the same time. Writer Damon Lindelof has been pretty open about how different this series will be compared to the comic book from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It's gotten a lot of people nervous since the original story is considered to be one of the best in graphic novel history but it looks like some of the people in HBO are excited about it.

According to Ben Travers, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys is hoping the series gets picked up "as soon as possible" and that he would be seeing the pilot fairly soon. It seems like the people in HBO have plenty of faith in Lindelof's vision for the critically acclaimed graphic novel.


Lindelof isn't just the possible series writer for HBO's Watchmen but also the showrunner, which will be a huge responsibility. The guy does have a great reputation though, especially since he worked on shows like Lost. Granted, that show didn't end well but here is hoping the Watchmen show doesn't make the same mistakes.

Though the series isn't an adaptation of the comic, more evidence is coming out that it's actually a continuation of the comic storyline. Hopefully, showrunner Damon Lindelof can come up with a spinoff that would stay faithful to the spirit of Alan Moore's original work.

No possible release date for the show has been unveiled since everyone is waiting on the pilot to come out.

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