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Is There a Hazbin Hotel Emote in Fortnite? Potential Collab Details Explained

hazbin hotel emote fortnite alastor
Credit: Prime Video / VivziePop

Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular multiplayer games right now, and this is thanks to continual releases of new updates and collabs. The latest that fans are excited about is a potential Fortnite collab with Hazbin Hotel.

Currently, the official Fortnite pages don’t have any details about it yet, but fans are already hoping to see more.

Is Hazbin Hotel Coming to Fortnite?

hazbin hotel alastor
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Credit: Prime Video / VivziePop

It’s fair to say that Epic Games’ Fortnite is still one of the most played battle royale games right now. This is an impressive feat considering that it has been years now since its initial early access launch.

A big part of the game’s continued appeal is the wealth of updates that it gets, coupled with collaborations. Aside from popular artists, Fortnite has also teamed up with notable anime.

For instance, the game has released collabs with the likes of Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and My Hero Academia, among others.

From the looks of it, Fortnite’s next collab may be with the hit new animated series Hazbin Hotel. This is based on a recently released emote.

What Is the Hazbin Hotel Emote in Fortnite?

hazbin hotel alastor lucifer
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Credit: Prime Video / VivziePop

In the latest Fortnite update, a new emote was added called Reaper’s Showtime, which features the character dancing while swinging around a reaper’s scythe.

The emote also uses the song Insane by Black Gryph0n & Baasik. Its co-creator Black Gryph0n also shared the update on X (formerly Twitter), indicating that the creators signed off on it.

This song isn’t an official Hazbin Hotel track, though it is popular among fans as it’s inspired by Alastor from the series.

Given the release of the new Fortnite emote, fans hope to see an official Hazbin Hotel collab soon.

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Fans Are Excited about the Hazbin Hotel x Fortnite Collab

hazbin hotel charlie
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Credit: Prime Video / VivziePop

As Hazbin Hotel has become hugely popular following its recent Prime Video premiere, it won’t be a surprise if we see an official Fortnite collab be released soon.

Of course, this emote might also just be a one-off event as Epic Games has not shared any other hints about an official planned collab.

The release is still worth noting though, as it may be a way to gauge interest in a potential collab. If it does happen, you can expect to see hints from the game’s official channels soon.

In the meantime, you can watch all Hazbin Hotel Season 1 episodes right now on Prime Video.

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