Hawkeye: Fra Fee Teases Big Things for Kazi in Final 2 Episodes

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There is little doubt that people are already excited about (and sort of dreading) the last two episodes of Hawkeye. But what will happen to the new characters we just met in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series? Fra Fee is clearly happy to be playing Maya Lopez's lieutenant Kazi and he has teased the character's development in the upcoming episodes of the Disney+ show.

We already know that Kazi is based on the Marvel comic book character Clown but Hawkeye has yet to present Fee's character as the villain. Still, Fee told Screenrant that he did his research on the character's comic book story arc and admitted that he took all those details very seriously.

"I find a lot to be motivated by and a lot informed my take on the character, from reading the Fraction comics. I find [him to be a] really, really intriguing, brooding character," Fee said. "But what I love about how the MCU has taken these characters, and put them on screen, and having the allowance of time or sort of like six hours. We could have more fledged-out versions of them."

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Interestingly, Fee continued by teasing Kazi's role in the upcoming two episodes.


"I think Kazi has a lot going on, and that will be revealed. He's not quite as simple as an inherently evil person. I think there's a reason why he has got to where he is and there are reasons why he is motivated by certain things," Fee said. "That's the interesting thing about what we get to do, is figure out why. I've loved that exploration."

We're loving this tease considering that fans are already hoping Kazi will be more like his comic book counterpart. Although that might not be what's happening in Hawkeye, people are holding on to hope that we'll see a comic-accurate Clown this week or the next.

Hawkeye Episode 5 will air on Disney+ on December 15, 2021.

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