Hawkeye Finale: Why Did Yelena Deflect from Killing [SPOILERS]?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

The finale of Hawkeye has been a jam-packed one hour of action, drama, and excitement and Episode 6 served us all by ticking most of the boxes on the unanswered questions albeit creating new ones. In one specific scene which will definitely move you to tears, Yelena had a good reason to deflect from killing Clint Barton and it is all a thanks to Natasha.

Hawkeye Finale: Why Did Yelena Deflect from Killing Clint Barton?

In Hawkeye Episode 6, “So This is Christmas?,” Yelena and Clint got the chance to finally meet face to face with only the two of them and Yelena still holds the mission of killing Hawkeye even when she already knows that it was Eleanor Bishop who hired her.


Clint and Yelena had to go one-on-one while on the ice and he still tries to convince that Natasha sacrificed and Clint couldn’t stop her from doing so. Yelena can’t believe that Natasha did that. Yelena asked why did Natasha sacrifice herself for Clint and why does he deserve it, still, he said that she fought him to sacrifice herself. When Yelena is about to kill Clint, he whistled something that is familiar to Yelena.

Clint knew that it is a secret whistle between the sisters and Clint shared that Natasha always talked about Yelena. Clint knew everything from when they were kids to when they last met. Natasha loved Yelena so much, all she wanted was her safety. Yelena seemed jealous as to how much time Clint had with Natasha. Yelena kept blaming herself for not being there.

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Clint said nothing could stop Natasha from doing so, to her choice. Yelena just loves her sister so much; she would look for answers everywhere. In the end, Yelena accepted the truth that Clint didn’t kill Natasha.

With this, Yelena ran away from the scene and back into the shadows. Whichever movie she comes out of next will surely be an interesting one.

See Yelena in the finale of Hawkeye, now streaming on Disney Plus.