Harry Potter Star Matthew Lewis Trolls Fans with New Movie Announcement Tweet

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Thousands of fans were surprised to learn about a new Harry Potter movie that is allegedly in the works. After all, it's been 8 long years since we've last seen Harry, Ron, and Hermione on the big screen. But the news isn't what anyone was actually expecting.

Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis took to Twitter to share the good news. Apparently, a new film is in the works with the original cast. The actor even added additional information about the movie, saying they'll begin production by 2020. Along with the tweet is a link for fans to check out (what's supposed to be) the report.

Much to the fans' disappointment, Lewis actually trolled his followers by making them think that the link leads to further details regarding the new film. It was actually a link to the UK Government website. As it turns out, the actor is urging his UK fans to register to vote since the registration deadline is coming to a close on November 26, 11:59 P.M.


With a huge following, it is inevitable for fans to think that the news is real. His tweet reached almost 50k likes with over 16k retweets. That being said, most of the fans didn't take the fake movie news seriously. A lot of the fans even replied to his tweet joking about how Lewis is mean, and that they were almost convinced with the sudden news.

Although there isn't a new Harry Potter movie in the near future, Fantastic Beasts 3 is currently in development under Warner Bros. and is expected to start filming next year.

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