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Harry Potter Star Jason Isaacs Addresses Lorca's Return After Star Trek Discovery

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Captain Gabriel Lorca is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters introduced in Star Trek: Discovery but his fate remains a huge mystery. So what does it take for Lorca to return to the Star Trek Universe? Jason Isaacs has addressed the possibility of bringing back his character as Prime Lorca in the future!

Jason Isaacs recently spoke to The List about the possibility of returning as Gabriel Lorca and not surprisingly, the former Harry Potter star pointed out that he is open to the idea but it all would come down to the story.

"Sure. Yeah. The story would have to be great. It was a fantastic storyline. All actors ever want is a secret, and I had the biggest secret of all, without spoiling it for anyone," Isaacs said.

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"If people haven't watched it already, it's unlikely they'll watch it now, but there is nonetheless a fantastic secret, and I had it to play, and I knew it. It means that when you watch it, like when you watch The Sixth Sense for a second time, there's a whole new layer of enjoyment to be had when you know what things turn out to be," he continued.

Interestingly, Isaacs revealed that he has already discussed Lorca's possible return with Akiva Goldsman.

"Prime Lorca is... I'm working with Akiva Goldsman right now, who wrote and directed quite a lot of Discovery, on a Tom Holland mini-series The Crowded Room in New York. We've talked about Prime Lorca, and it would have to be as good a story as Season 1 of Discovery," he said.

"I don't want to come back just because he's a fan favorite and do some version that isn't anywhere near as good. If there's space, they have so many brilliant series up now," Isaacs added.

"Strange New Worlds has been a massive hit as well, and Picard is a huge hit, but where and if there's space for a Prime Lorca arc, I'm all up for it. I don't want to come back just to squeeze into that sausage skintight suit," he concluded.

At this point, it sounds like Lorca's return is being considered but his story arc is still in the works. With that in mind, we're hoping to get an update about Jason Isaacs' return to the Star Trek Universe soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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