Star Trek: Discovery Actor Jason Isaacs Teases Prime Lorca Introduction

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Captain Gabriel Lorca may have only been captain for one season of Star Trek: Discovery but that doesn't mean that Jason Isaacs is completely ruling out the return of his character. Interestingly, the former Harry Potter star suggested that he might return as Prime Lorca at some point in the Star Trek Universe.

Isaacs recently made an appearance at Star Trek Las Vegas where he expressed his intent on returning in Discovery despite Lorca's obvious death in the first season (via Trek Movie).


"I knew going in that I was doing just one season…It felt like a great thing to do and I felt fine about it, but as I got close to everyone and close to and understood the significance of Star Trek and the brilliant storytelling and what it means in the world, I felt the loss of that," Isaacs said.

So what if he was given the chance to return in the upcoming season? Isaacs teased, "How do you know I am not already?" He then added, "Of course I would do it. I loved it!"

It also sounds like Isaacs has already been discussing his return to Star Trek and offering some interesting ideas on how it could work.

"So, I have talked to them plenty. Where and when? Nobody ever dies. There is a Prime Lorca. There are three different shows coming out and multiple seasons, and if I can squeeze back into that eight-year-old's uniform, would do. Who wouldn't want to do it again? They are timeless stories," he said.


The idea of introducing Prime Lorca is certainly a welcome one for fans. Besides, it wouldn't be a surprise if Lorca, or at least that other version of him, still has some trick up his sleeves.

Would you like to see Isaacs return as Prime Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery? Sound off in the comments below.

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