Star Trek: Discovery Actor Jason Isaacs Says Prime Lorca Could Show Up

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The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is coming soon but it's still unclear if the series will actually bring back Captain Gabriel Lorca, or at least the Mirror Lorca from the previous season. However, it looks like Jason Isaacs hasn't given up on his character just yet. The former Harry Potter star has pointed out that Prime Lorca is out there somewhere and he could show up in the CBS All Access show.

Isaacs was recently a guest on the Empire Film podcast where he suggested that it would be nice to find out what happened to Prime Lorca.


"Where is Prime Lorca? Well, I admit that we talk. It's not like when Mirror Lorca bit the bullet there wasn't a clamoring for Prime Lorca, but the thing is, it has got to be a great story," Isaacs said. He then added that if Christopher Pike can get a second chance, then his character deserves one as well.

"Pike is already there! We know what he is like. We have seen him and he's great. We don't know who Prime Lorca is," Isaacs said.

It's clear that this is something that Isaacs really wants to explore as he even went on to explain that Prime Lorca might actually be more likeable than Mirror Lorca.


"If he is Mirror Lorca's Frank Spencer-like cousin, then nobody wants to spend time with him," he said. He then added that yes, he is ready to get back into shape just so he could play the character.

"He is going to have to be as interesting, as ballsy, and you have to find him a ship and find him a context to bring him into a story. So, we talk. And when and if we come up with something we think is fabulous I will happily go on a starvation diet required to slip into the snakeskin uniform again," Isaacs said.

We're loving how Isaacs is truly passionate about bringing Prime Lorca back. However, it is important to point out that there haven't been any updates on Lorca actually showing up in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. Could the character get his own series just like Pike? Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Do you think Prime Lorca should show up in Discovery? Sound off in the comments below.


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