Harry Potter Star Breaks Silence On Franchise Legacy Amid Reboot Rumors

Harry Potter star Harry Melling, who previously played Dudley Dursley in the franchise, may have come out of his shell by starring in other roles such as Roy Laferty in The Devil All The Time, and his most recent one, The Pale Blue Eye as Edgar Allan Poe on Netflix, but the actor remains to be hugely associated with his pivotal role in Harry Potter. Melling sheds light on his franchise legacy.

Recently speaking with Vanity Fair while promoting his new film, The Pale Blue Eye, Melling opens that while “appreciative” and “amazed” at the impact the Harry Potter franchise brought him, he reiterated it is time to move forward with his career. Check out his full comment below:

“No… I mean, the easy answer is yes, but that’s not the full answer.” Melling says, “I’m completely and overwhelmingly appreciative of being a part of something as brilliant as Harry Potter. I really am. I’m amazed at generationally how many people have been wrapped up in those stories. But it is amazing that something you did when you were 10 is still something that is very much a priority on the list of talking points. It’s just something I’ve kind of got used to in a certain sense.”

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The Devil All The Time actor continues on to say how the franchise may have been a huge part of pop culture, but ultimately, “I completely get it, but it’s a mixed bag of both feeling extremely grateful, but naturally, you want to move on.”

In light of this, Warner Bros. dropped a bomb last December 2022 when they had been rumored to be developing a Harry Potter reboot instead of a spinoff, which they initially promised. However, seeing as they have yet to address this, a rumor is still a rumor. Still, the thought of a franchise reboot earned nothing but negative reactions from Potterheads.

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