Harrison Ford Confirmed as the MCU's New Thunderbolt Ross

A few weeks ago, there were rumors that Hollywood icon Harrison Ford is joining the MCU as the new Thunderbolt Ross, replacing William Hurt who passed away earlier this year. However, we haven't heard any confirmation regarding the Star Wars actor's casting. Now, it looks like we finally have the official word.

SlashFilm has confirmed that Ford is indeed getting cast as the new Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU. He is expected to play the role of Thunderbolts (which is the character's namesake). However, reporter Jeff Sneider revealed in The Hot Mic podcast that Ford will make his MCU debut instead in Captain America: New World Order.

So far, there are no details on how Ford will play into the story of both films. While he is likely to have a major role in Thunderbolts, it is unknown yet if his appearance in Captain America: New World Order will be a major supporting role or just a cameo appearance.

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It is interesting to hear that we have the official word now that Ford is joining the MCU, which is yet again another major movie franchise in which he will be involved. It is also a sign that Marvel does have a lot of plans for the character in the MCU prior to Hurt's death.

Right now, it's hard to speculate on what kind of involvement Ford's Ross will have in the future of the MCU whether he will remain as the Secretary of State that will guide the Thunderbolts team and the other heroes or, just like in the comics, he'll end up becoming the Red Hulk later on.

Nevertheless, getting Ford involved in the MCU is a major coup for Marvel considering his iconic status and the exciting contribution that he might give to the franchise in the future phases.

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Thunderbolts is set for release in theaters on July 26, 2024 while Captain America: New World Order is set to release on May 3, 2024.

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