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Hardy Boys Season 3: Final Season Synopsis, New Guest Star Revealed!

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Fans are about to see Frank (Johan Campbell) and Joe Hardy's (Alexander Elliot) mysterious adventures for the last time in Hardy Boys Season 3. The show will be in its final season, and a new face is about to join them.

Hardy Boys Season 3 is maybe the series' last, but it's not yet shy of featuring new characters. Bailee Madison will join the show in a guest-starring role, and she's definitely a must-see.

Hardy Boys Season 3 Production, Synopsis, and More

According to Variety, Hardy Boys Season 3 has already started its production in Toronto and Southern Ontario, Canada. However, it will only be eight episodes this time, running for an hour each.

The final outing will pick up where the previous season left off, with the two siblings and their friends digging up more secrets and conspiracies.

Of course, they will continue piecing together their great-grandfather's map to find the powerful relic before it's too late.

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"The Hardy boys and their friends dig up even more secrets, conspiracies, and threats as they piece together their great-grandfather's long-lost map and race against time to uncover a powerful ancient relic before it falls into the wrong hands," the official synopsis reads.

Bailee Madison's Coming

Meanwhile, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin star Madison will join Hardy Boys Season 3 as Drew Darrow.

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She will be the boys' new ally, but though she's fun to be with, she's also often frustrating. She's also described as having a "brilliant mind and appetite for magic and mysteries."

Season 2 Finale Recap

Meanwhile, Frank became the major focus in the Hardy Boys Season 2 finale. After he went to the hospital to meet Gloria (Linda Thorson), it was revealed that her father had his body.

He asked for the scrolls, but Gloria suddenly met her death before she could say anything. So, what would happen to Frank?

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This scene just made his future uncertain, and it might be revealed in Hardy Boys Season 3, which will premiere on Hulu next year.

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