Han Solo Movie Wants to Sign Up Westworld's Bad Lady

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The producers of the standalone Han Solo movie have set their eyes on Thandie Newton, the star of HBO's new hit series Westworld, for a still undisclosed role. Newton's star is on the rise, and her performance as the artificial western frontier's brothel madam earned her nominations from the Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Globe. She is expected to return for Westworld's second season.

Variety's exclusive says that the actress and the powers-that-be involved with the Han Solo movie are in negotiations. News about Newton's possible entry into the Star Wars universe come on the heel of recent casting developments which involve Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge for another undisclosed role.


If the deal pushes through, it will not be the first time that Newton will be roaming a cinematic galaxy or hobnobbing with creatures from the dark side. She played a scheming, ambitious aristocrat out to steal the emperor's throne in The Chronicles of Riddick. And while Newton has played heroines like Tom Cruise's partner in Mission Impossible 2, it's her ability to play badass, beautiful ladies that get her a lot of attention.

Newton's bordello-running businesslady turned out to be a rogue android in Westworld. And given Newton's natural feistiness and strong presence, come the second season, she'd be far more comfortable playing a samurai's enemy than a lady in distress. Fighting sword-wielding lords with a rigid code would certainly serve her Han Solo character in good stead, with possibly a lot of lightsaber-happy Siths prowling around.

And just to show you her liking for kickass ladies, Newton named one of her daughters Ripley, after Sigourney Weaver's Alien-killing heroine.

The untitled Han Solo movie is slated for a May 25, 2018 release. In the meantime, catch a glimpse of what Newton can bring to the Force-filled universe in the Westworld clip below.