Han So Hee Shockingly Steps Down From Filming Upcoming Movie Gentleman Due To Health Concerns

Credit: JTBC

Credit: JTBC

Actress Han So Hee, unfortunately, decides to drop out of the filming for the upcoming Korean film Gentleman due to health concerns.

Earlier, the actress was confirmed to star in the upcoming film Gentleman alongside Kingdom actor Ju Ji Hoon and The Dude In Me star Park Sung Woong. Despite Han So Hee's jam-packed schedule with drama filming and commercial and endorsement appearances, she was still motivated to appear in the film.

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Credit: Netflix

However, the World of Married Couple actress was suggested by her doctors to take a break for the time being due to fatigue.

Here is the official statement released by Han So Hee's agency, 9ato Entertainment:

Hello. This is 9ato Entertainment.
We are announcing that actress Han So Hee has stepped down from the WAVE Original film "Gentleman."
Despite her busy schedule, Han So Hee closely discussed with the movie production team and expressed her desire to participate in "Gentleman," but due to her doctor's recommendation and advice, the actress will have to take a rest for the time being because of health reasons such as accumulated fatigue.
With this, she has decided to take the time to rebuild the health of her body and heart after properly discussing with the movie production team and the entertainment agency.
Although Han So Hee wanted to greet fans and show her new sides through the film "Gentleman," we are humbly asking for your understanding on her recovery and that she needs more time in order to show an even better side of herself.
Han So Hee will focus on continuously recovering her health, and she will greet fans with her healthy and brighter side through a new project soon.
Thank you.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee stars in Nevertheless alongside Love Alarm and Navillera actor Song Kang. The Kdrama currently aired seven episodes and will continuously release new episodes every Saturday at 11:00 PM KST through JTBC. International fans can then stream the new episodes on Netflix at a later time.

Furthermore, the Korean film Gentleman is expected to release anytime in 2022.

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