What Happened In Kdrama Nevertheless Episode 7? SPOILERS and Where To Watch

Credit: JTBC

Credit: JTBC

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers!

Episode 7 of Nevertheless was rather intense yet interesting. Releasing its episode 7 on July 31, Nevertheless is a Kdrama based on a popular webtoon of the same name and airs new episodes every Saturday at 11:00 PM KST.

Nevertheless stars Song Kang and Han So Hee. The Kdrama is directed by Kim Garam and written by Jung Won.

What happened in Kdrama Nevertheless episode 7?

We were left with an exciting reunion between childhood friends Yoo Na Bi and Yoo Do Hyuk (Chae Jong Hyeop) on episode 6. And when we thought for a second that these two will get involved in a cute relationship, episode 7 gave us a huge slap that this fantasy isn't going to happen so easily.

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Credit: JTBC

As Na Bi turns a blind eye to Jae Eon, she tried her best to continue ignoring him as she enjoys her time with Do Hyuk back in their hometown. The childhood friends were all fun and enjoyable until they went back to the guesthouse where Do Hyuk has to accommodate Na Bi's friends.

Meeting Do Hyuk excited Na Bi's coursemates that they invited him to come along with them to the amusement park. Jae Eon just watched as Na Bi and Do Hyuk share laughter together. When they were lining up to ride the Ferris wheel, Oh Bit Na tricked on having Jae Eon and Na Bi be alone in the ride.

As silence surround the two inside, Jae Eon took the moment to ask Na Bi why she did not contact him for long. Jae Eon's expression was full of complexity. When the Ferris wheel shook briefly, he knelt in front of Nabi as if begging her to greet him on his birthday. But, Na Bi gathered herself and ignored the temptation waving in front of her.

During the night, all of Na Bi's coursemates gathered for a barbeque time and drinking. Do Hyuk's cousin, Yang Do Yeon (Lee Hye-won), who was at the guest house to help prepare for the MT after-party, expressed her interest as soon as she saw Jae Eon. Feeling anxious about this, Na Bi's eyes also began to turn to their side. However, when Jae Eon looked back, Na Bi was looking elsewhere.

Further, the group decided to play a Whisper Game wherein the other will whisper a question to another and he/she is obliged to reply. The others will have to drink if they are curious to know what the question is.

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All throughout the game, jealousy creeps into Jae Eon when Na Bi is asked by Do Hyuk the question of who among them makes her laugh the most. With no hesitation, Na Bi points at Do Hyuk with a smile.

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Credit: JTBC

Then, Do Hyuk's cousin Yang Do Yeon asks Jae Eon a question, to which he responds by mentioning Na Bi's name. Right after, awkwardness surrounded them as they try to continue with the game.

Later on, Do Yeon reveals to Na Bi that the question she whispered to Jae Eon was "who do you want to kiss tonight?" shocking the latter.

After everyone left to go to the beach, Jae Eon appeared in front of Na Bi who was left alone after treating Do Yeon's wound. The long time that Na Bi tried her best to ignore Jae Eon came to crumble when the latter asked her a serious question.

Then, the episode ended with the two sharing an extremely romantic scene as soon as Na Bi shrugged Do Hyuk's incoming call. The intense confrontation between the two just raised expectations for possible developments in their relationship.

Where to watch Kdrama Nevertheless?

Nevertheless is available for online streaming on Netflix. The Kdrama also airs on JTBC every Saturday at 11:00 PM KST.

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Credit: Netflix

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