Han So Hee Reflects On Titular Roles in Nevertheless, My Name

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Credit: 1stLook/YouTube Screenshot

Han So Hee still sees her roles as challenges despite the fact that she has been part of the TV and film industry for years.

Han So Hee started enjoying fame when she debuted as a model. Years later, she tried having an acting career and landed on several minor roles. She famously appeared in Reunited Worlds, Money Flower, 100 Days My Prince, After the Rain, and Abyss.

In 2020, she scored more attention when she starred in JTBC's hit series, The World of the Married. The show itself ended, but it became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.

The drama helped her earn titular roles in Nevertheless and My Name, and the actress recently talked about her characters and their differences.

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Han So Hee Says Nevertheless, My Name Unleashed Her New Self

Han So Hee recently sat for an interview with Star News, where she shared her plans and upcoming dramas. The actress also spoke about her past characters, including her roles in the hit dramas Nevertheless and My Name.

For what it’s worth, she played the role of Yoo Na Bi, a college student who faces confusion in love, in Nevertheless. Meanwhile, she breathed life into Yoon Ji Woo’s character in My Name, which helped her earn the Best Artist Award at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards.

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According to Han So Hee, the two roles she had were both challenges for her.

“I really wanted to show different sides of myself apart from my preexisting image. In that sense, ‘Nevertheless’ and ‘My Name’ are turning points for me. [They were] new experiences, attempts, and even challenges. I am even more glad that so many people liked them,” she said.

After winning an award at the Asian Artist Award, she reportedly started treating the recognition as something that recognized her and fellow actors’ works.

Han So Hee Has New Drama

As she grows to become a better actress star in the acting industry, Han So Hee prepares for her upcoming music romance flick, Soundtrack #1.

The series is scheduled to be released on March 23 via Disney+. She will play Lee Eun Soo, a lyricist who has a similar personality to what she has. Han So Hee then touched the fact that she got much closer to her co-star, Park Hyung Sik, who will play Sun Woo in the drama.

With her upcoming projects, Han So Hee has one wish for herself in the future.

“I want to more resolutely and carefully express the projects given to me as well as the characters and situations within them. Also, it won’t be easy, but I want to become an actress who knows how to enjoy the pressure that comes from the process,” she went on.


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