Han So Hee Diet: Actress Reveals Her Comfort Food, Secret for Maintaining Slender Body

Credit: st Look / YouTube screenshot

Credit: st Look / YouTube screenshot

Han So Hee gets honest and talks about maintaining a slender body and the food she liked but she had to quit n order to look skinny.

The My Name star is one of the most beautiful faces in Kdrama land. Apart from her versatility and acting skills, her visuals are so remarkable that brands adored her beauty.

However, she once revealed the sacrifices she makes to look at her best.

Han So Hee Diet: Actress Reveals Avoiding THIS Food to Stay Slender

From being a breakout star to one of the favorite leading ladies of K-drama, Han So Hee never fails to amaze viewers with her effortless beauty.

However, after landing the lead role in My Name, where she purposely gained weight for the role, fans noticed her remarkable transformation.

Han So Hee’s weight loss became the talk of the town with netizens pointing out that she drastically shed weight right after the release of the series.

The news about her appearance continues especially during her red carpet and events presence.

With this, the actress’ previous interview circulates as she talks about her love for food and why she had to cut down on eating her comfort food.

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During her appearance with 1st Look magazine, the South Korean beauty answered random questions which includes naming her “soul food.”

Han So Hee immediately answered ramen and recalled the last time she ate it.

“I like ramen, but I think it’s been 100 days since I stopped eating it. I gain weight if I eat ramen,” she said, as obtained by a media outlet, adding “The happy days are over. I have stopped eating ramen.”

In another video conducted by W Korea, The World of the Married star also spoke about ramen and dishes on how she likes to eat it even on her travel.

“I always eat ramen on the plane. I don’t need in-flight meals. Just give me ramen,” she said, expressing her love for the food.

Han So Hee New Drama: Actress Teams Up with Park So Joon in Gyeongseong Creature

From her booked and busy schedules, one of Han So Hee’s new dramas includes her team-up with Park Seo Joon.

The duo will headline an upcoming K-drama Gyeongseong Creature that depicts the journey of two individuals battling a mysterious creature in a post-apocalypse setting.

Gyeongseong Creature is scheduled to in the first half of 2023 and will also return for season 2.

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