Han and Chewie Fight in Deleted Scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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The home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story promises to give us some deleted scenes, and one of them is a fun interaction between Han and Chewie fighting in the snow. Thanks to The Star Wars Show, you don't have to buy the digital copy to get a look at the scene.

The clip starts at 8:16:

Just reading the scene, it looks like it's supposed to happen after the train heist, and Han and Chewie get into some kind of disagreement. In the original film, Han and Chewbacca get along really well quick, but I can imagine in the original cut they both don't get along right away. It's the scene in Kessell that truly cements their friendship—the one where Han tells Chewie to save the other Wookiees.


Granted, there are a lot more scenes that didn't make the cut of Solo, but I doubt that Lucasfilm will ever release an extended edition of the film. Personally, I just wanted to see more of Han's Imperial days, and I thought they should have kept the scene where he's piloting a TIE fighter in.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits digital Sept 14, and Blu-Ray on Sept. 25.

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