Halloween Ends Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, News and Everything You Need to Know

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With 'Halloween Kills' now officially behind us, we Michael Myers fans have already started doing what we do best - getting ourselves excited for the next installment in the long-running franchise, 'Halloween Ends'.

And another one is coming - 'Halloween Ends' will be the trilogy-topper to David Gordon Green's new series of films, which started in 2018 with 'Halloween', a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 original, ignoring any of the six Michael Myers sequels and two reboots that we've had since.


The 2018 revival movie was a huge financial success, so it's no surprise that Blumhouse Productions signed off on a three picture-deal with director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride. While these new movies are indeed sequels to the original, they should still be viewed as a trilogy.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for 'Halloween (2018)' and 'Halloween Kills'.

The 2018 film takes place 40 years after the events of that fateful night in Haddonfield, Illinois, in which escaped mental patient Michael Myers - who had murdered his older sister with a kitchen knife just 15 years prior - returned home and killed a number of babysitters.

The direct sequel (second of its kind, but we won't get into any of the different timelines and continuities), saw the return of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), who has lived with the trauma from that night her entire life, which has ruined her relationship with her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak).

But when Michael Myers escapes once again, this time aided by his doctor - a man deeply curious to see Michael "in the wild" - three generations of Strode unite to take down the 'bogeyman' once and for all, and finally bring peace to their lives and the rest of Haddonfield. The end of that film saw Michael left to burn in Laurie's purpose-built 'trap' house.

However, if you've already seen 'Halloween Kills' - or even the trailers, for that matter - you'll already know that Michael managed to escape the blazing inferno, laying waste to several firefighters in the process, before embarking on another murderous spree across his hometown, while a Haddonfield mob led by the survivors of the 1978 'Babysitter Murders' hunts Myers down.


While Laurie is trapped in the hospital with a wound from her fight with Michael earlier in the night, the town is plunged into chaos. Allyson joins the hunt for Michael, while the body count continues to pile up. Eventually, when the town learns that the bogeyman has decided to head to his old family home, he is eventually cornered by the mob and seemingly beaten to death.

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But nothing can keep Myers down - he gets back up and slaughters the entire mob, before finding Karen and brutally killing her too. It's a major cliffhanger to say the least, and Laurie is none the wiser as to what has happened to her daughter, or that Myers is still at large. But as this is the second part in a trilogy, we aren't really surprised that the movie ended on an abrupt note.

But don't worry - here's everything you need to know about 'Halloween Ends', the final chapter in David Gordon Green's 'Halloween' vision.

Halloween Ends Release Date

'Halloween Ends' is scheduled for theatrical release on October 14, 2022. It is unknown at this time whether it will release simultaneously on US streaming service Peacock like 'Halloween Kills'.


Halloween Ends Trailer

There is no trailer for the new film yet, but as it's now less than a year from release, it's likely we will get a teaser soon. According to James Jude Courtney, the actor who has played Michael Myers in both 'Halloween (2018)' and 'Halloween Kills', and will also be reprising his role in the upcoming film, shooting will begin in January 2022.


Halloween Ends Cast

There are a number of surviving cast members who will be returning to the fold in the new movie. Among them are Jamie Lee Curtis, Will Patton, Andi Matichak, and James Jude Courtney, who will be reprising their roles as Laurie Strode, Frank Hawkins, Allyson Nelson, and Michael Myers. It is unknown whether Judy Greer will be returning, though. Her character Karen Nelson was seemingly murdered at the end of 'Halloween Kills', however, it's possible that she may return for a flashback sequence. It is also unclear whether Kyle Richards will be returning to play Lindsey Wallace.


Halloween Ends Plot

Director David Gordon Green, who will also be helming the final installment in the new 'Halloween' trilogy, has confirmed that the new movie will be set in 2022, which means that it will take place four years after the events of its two predecessors, 'Halloween (2018)' and 'Halloween Kills', so that the timeline can be contemporary. He has also stated that the film will "address the pandemic".

During a recent interview with Uproxx, Green said, “Where we’re leaving these characters on 'Halloween 2018', the world is a different place. So not only do they have their immediate world affected by that trauma, having time to process that trauma - and that’s a specific and immediate traumatic event in the community of Haddonfield. But then they also had a worldwide pandemic and peculiar politics and another million things that turned their world upside down.”


Exactly where Michael Myers will have been over the four years by the time 'Halloween Ends' begins, though, is a mystery. He was last seen very much alive at the end of 'Halloween Kills', returning to his dead sister's bedroom window, where he finds and kills Karen. Despite having been brutally attacked by the Haddonfield mob, Myers is clearly still alive and kicking.

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Halloween Ends News

Director David Gordon Green has done a number of interviews since 'Halloween Kills' was released in theaters, and has revealed quite a lot about the sequel 'Halloween Ends'. He has described the next film as "an intimate resolve to Laurie Strode and Michael Myers and their relationship/conflict," and added that 'Halloween Kills' is the "middle chapter", which was made to "unleash the mayhem, have some fun and get people back to the movies."


In an interview with Collider, Green confirmed he is still working through the script and making revisions with two new writing collaborators and aims to have something "locked in" ready to start shooting in January. When asked if 'Halloween Ends' would indeed be the end, Green stated that four films - including John Carpenter's original - was always his vision, and is sure that "Michael and Laurie will emerge in some new capacity" beyond his series of films, but that he will be done with his version with 'Ends' and hopes the studio "will take a little time off before they resuscitate it".

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans, 'Halloween Kills' has grossed $92 million worldwide.

'The Shape' will return home on October 14, 2022.