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Hajime Isayama Reveals How Attack on Titan Anime Changed the Manga

There is little doubt that the Attack on Titan anime is at par with the manga, and some might even argue that it is better than the source material. This could be confirmed by the way Wit Studio and MAPPA made some changes in the series. Interestingly, Hajime Isayama himself admits that those changes have made the anime a lot better.

Attack on Titan Creator Shares How Anime Changed The Manga

Hajime Isayama had previously attended Anime NYC 2022 where he spoke to Anime News Network about Attack on Titan. The mangaka discussed how things changed for him when the manga was adapted into an animated series.

"When my work became an anime, that's when I really felt like it has become larger than my life. Because the characters kind of start to develop on their own depending on the voice actors' acting skills," Isayama said. "It became quite different from what I originally imagined them to be. So I kind of treat them like 'that Eren,' which is different from my version, but I also recognize it as a different version of the character."

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He also revealed that he specifically asked the studio to make some changes to the adaptation.

"One example, I can think of is when Attack on Titan became an anime series, when they introduced the vertical maneuvering equipment, I wanted the design to be more improved by the time it became an anime. That was a request that I had put to the anime team. Later I realized that was a very difficult request that I have put in and I felt really bad later," Isayama said.

It was certainly a good call since the equipment stood out and became an important part of what made the anime great. Needless to say, we're glad that Hajime Isayama called for the changes.

Attack on Titan Season 4 is set to return with its final part in Winter 2023.

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