3 Reasons Haikyuu! is Worth Watching

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Haikyuu! is one of the recommended series when someone asks for a good sports anime. Although not everyone is a fan of volleyball, anyone who likes a good show that tackles teamwork will surely enjoy this anime. But Haikyuu! is not just about teamwork. It also teaches viewers the importance of reaching out for one's dream, being open to others, and never giving up.

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The series was originally a manga that was illustrated and written by Haruichi Furudate. Fans of the show can collect the manga in 45 tankobon volumes. The anime, on the other hand, finished on December 19, 2020, with 85 episodes.


1.The animation

3 Reasons Haikyuu! is Worth Watching 1

Sports anime fans will agree that for this type of anime, the animation should be great. Each scene is fluid and fast. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they watch each scene unfold. The animation showed the intensity that the characters feel, making the show relatable, even for those who never actually played volleyball.

2. The characters and character development

3 Reasons Haikyuu! is Worth Watching 2

The good thing about Haikyuu! is that it has a lot of characters. There's the main team and other teams for fans to like. Each character has a distinct personality that makes them entertaining. Although there are antagonists, they don't stay that evil after the game. It will just feel like they are just competitive during the game and they can be the protagonists' friends after.

In terms of character development, the characters of the series grow as athletes and as individuals. Just watching them will make viewers reflect on their lives as well. Have they been improving themselves? Have they been working hard to achieve their goals? The diversity of the characters can help the viewer find at least one character they really connect with.

3. The game

3 Reasons Haikyuu! is Worth Watching 3

As mentioned earlier, not everyone can play volleyball. But as the story progresses, the viewers learn how the game works, the different positions, the techniques, and various ways to win the game. Seeing the characters passionate about volleyball can encourage the person watching to try it out as well.

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