Haikyu!! Final Movie Part 1 Reveals Official Title

Haikyu!! Final Movie Title Shoyo Hinata

Haikyu!! Final Movie Title Shoyo Hinata

Haikyu!!’s two-part Final movie was announced last year, but there has been no news since its original reveal. Now though, the Haikyu!! Final movie’s first part has an official title, indicating that its release is on the horizon.

Part 1 of the two-part Final movie doesn’t have a release date yet, but fans are expecting an announcement soon, possibly in September. After all, a special event will take place next month featuring its cast.

There, it’s likely that a release date along with more details about the two-part movie will be announced.

Haikyu!! Is Getting a ‘Great Send-off Party’ This September

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The sports anime genre is incredibly popular, and it’s arguably among the go-to genres for fans alongside battle shonen and romantic comedies. This makes sense given how compelling sports matches are, even in anime form.

Haikyu!! is one of the most well-known sports anime of the last decade, and it’s easily the most popular volleyball anime.

After all, anime about basketball (like Slam Dunk or Kuroko’s Basketball) and soccer (such as Blue Lock) are more common.

While the original manga ended back in 2020, the anime continued to get new seasons. Soon, two movies are going to be released, and they’re expected to conclude the anime’s story.

Not a lot of details have been revealed yet about the two-parter, but fans are expecting major announcements at the Haikyu!! Festa 2023 -Great Send-off Party- which is happening in Tokyo on September 24, 2023.

This event will feature special guests, including the anime’s voice actors. There, it’s likely that a release date for the first Final movie will be shared, along with other story details.

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Haikyu!! Final Movie Announces Official Title

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Ahead of the event though, it was revealed that Part 1 of the movie is called Gekijoban Haikyu!! Gomi Suteba no Kessen (or Haikyu!! the Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump in English).

It was also confirmed that the movie will depict the matchup between Karasuno High and Nekoma High.

Based on the Final project name, it’s likely that these two films will adapt the Haikyu!! manga's conclusion. However, this is a concern for many fans, especially considering the number of manga chapters left.

The anime’s fourth season ended at around Chapter 292, meaning there are still over 100 chapters left to adapt.

Given this, it’s going to be difficult to condense all those chapters into just two films.

If the Final movies are indeed the last ones, they’ll either cut out a lot of content or go through them at a rapid pace.

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