All Gushing Over Magical Girls Characters Ranked Based on Their Abilities

All Gushing Over Magical Girls Characters Ranked Based on Their Abilities
Credit: Asahi Production

All Gushing Over Magical Girls Characters Ranked Based on Their Abilities
Credit: Asahi Production

Gushing Over Magical Girls is full of characters with different skills and abilities, regardless of whether they are on the good or the bad side. From Magia Baiser to Magia Sulfur, here are all the Gushing Over Magical Girls characters ranked based on their abilities.

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  1. Magia Magenta

    So far, the Gushing Over Magical Girls anime has yet to highlight the special abilities of Magia Magenta, despite being the acting leader of Tres Magia.

    She maintains the order of their girl group, but her abilities are still kept in the dark, so we’re putting her in the last spot for now.

  2. Magia Azul

    Magia Azul often loses to Magia Baiser and the rest of the magical girls due to her masochistic side.

    She prefers to feel pain and experience Baiser’s punishments rather than fight head-on. Azul did try at some point, which is why she's in this rank.

    She can use magic to condense the moisture in the air to create swords made of ice. She can also use magic to freeze and bind her enemies.

  3. Sister Gigant

    With her name alone, viewers and readers alike will be able to figure out her abilities. Sister Gigant can manipulate her size at will. She can use it to grow and shrink like Shushu from Chained Soldier.

    Unfortunately, Sister Gigant is incredibly obedient, so it’s easier to manipulate her than any other character in the series.

  4. Loco Musica

    Loco Musica is the aspiring idol of the Lord’s Squad. She has a pretty interesting ability in which she uses her voice to fight her opponents.

    Just by shouting alone, she can destroy her target area. One of her special techniques is called Voix Forte, which manifests large musical notes to hit her opponents so long as she uses her voice.

  5. Leberblume

    Leberblume easily reminds us of Shikamaru Nara from Naruto. She uses shadows to fight her opponents.

    She can enter and exit in the shadows to bind, attack, and overwhelm her targets. She is also faster than anyone else in the series.

    However, the downside of Leberblume’s ability is light. If there’s too much light and shadows cease to exist, she will lose the fight.

  6. Leoparde

    Even though Leoparde is starless, we put her higher on the list due to her cool abilities. In her villain form, she can materialize different kinds of dangerous firearms and explosives and fire them concurrently.

    She has so many firearms and explosives in her collection that we can’t wait to see what she will use next in the anime!

  7. Neroalice

    Despite being the youngest, Utena Hiiragi thinks Neroalice has the most dangerous ability in their group. She can use her dollhouse to trap and play with her opponents and manipulate them to her will.

    However, Neroalice’s ability takes a huge toll on her younger body, so she can’t use it for a very long time.

  8. Magia Sulfur

    Magia Sulfur acts as Tres Magia’s tank. She often uses her defensive abilities to create tanky barriers to protect Magenta and Azul, but in reality, her offensive abilities can overwhelm Baiser and the others alone.

    Sulfur can manifest two large sets of cool arms, which boosts her physical abilities to another level.

  9. Lord Enorme

    We have yet to see Lord Enorme’s combat prowess in the anime, but we’re sure that she has abilities that rival those of Magia Baiser, perhaps even stronger.

    After all, Lord Enorme can’t become the founder of Enormita with cheap skills and abilities.

    In the meantime, Lord Enorme uses a whip to punish her underlings.

  10. Magia Baiser

    Magia Baiser takes the top spot on our list since she has the most interesting ability out of all the girls in the series.

    Anything is possible with Magia Baiser, so long as she has the riding crop known as Frusta Dominazione.

    With a single strike of her crop, she can turn any inanimate plants, objects, or animals into slaves that will fight on her behalf.

    We’re aware that Baiser is not one to finish her battles, but when things get serious enough, she turns into a different villain with a more twisted personality.

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