Guillermo Del Toro On His Completed Script For The Unproduced Justice League Dark Movie

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Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro might have a lot of experience working on comic book movies like the original Hellboy movies and Blade II, but like many other directors, the filmmaker's also has a lot of experience in unproduced superhero projects because of several different factors. Posting on social media, the critically-acclaimed director has confirmed what many fans were suspecting for years – that his scripts for a planned TV series for Hulk and a film based on DC Comics' Justice League Dark were both completed before the projects were canceled.

Taking to Twitter, Del Toro decided to share a list of all the different screenplays that he had developed and written before they were chucked out and left unproduced by the studios that asked for them. This list includes a pilot episode for Hulk and a film based on Justice League Dark, two projects that fans used to look forward to back when they were in production.

In the following Tweets that the filmmaker put up on Twitter, Del Toro explained to his followers on the social media site that each of the scripts that he worked on took about a year to produce. With so many titles in his post, all the unproduced projects represented "more of a decade of work lost," with Del Toro reiterating that the scripts he wrote for each project were completed pieces, some coming up to more than 100 pages.

Dark Universe, the Justice League Dark movie, would have been Del Toro's first DC entry. Unfortunately, the film found itself in development hell – a phenomenon not unknown to the Hollywood film industry.

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