11 May 2021 4:29 PM +00:00 UTC

Green Lantern: Finn Wittrock Discusses Guy Gardner Casting in HBO Max Series

In case you missed it, HBO Max has announced a Green Lantern series that will be lead by Finn Wittrock who has been cast as Guy Gardner. So what was it like to land such an important role in the DC Extended Universe? Wittrock discussed the casting process that helped him nab an awesome job.

Wittrock recently spoke to Rotten Tomatoes about his new role and he revealed that the audition was very old-school.

"I did an old-fashioned screen test if everyone knows what that is," Wittrock said before explaining that he was simply asked to "got to a studio" and "do a proper scene."

"It was kind of daunting and way bigger than I thought it would be," he added before stating that he was actually terrified of the casting director.


"Vickie Thomas, who's this casting director who I was always a little, not scared of, but an impressive woman, she sat on this dolly as they pushed into my face on this little stool and read with me. She has a special place in my heart," Wittrock said.

Luckily, things worked out for the American Horror Story actor. "Then like a week later I found out I got it, so it was very cool. I was very thankful," Wittrock concluded.


We're glad that Wittrock got the role and we're looking forward to more casting news about Green Lantern soon.

It has already been confirmed that the Green Lantern series will feature other Lanterns including Alan Scott, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog, and Sinestro. No news yet on whether Red Lanterns will show up but we're hoping for a Dex-Starr appearance in the DCEU as well.

The Green Lantern series has not yet been given an official release date but is already expected to air on HBO Max. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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