Gravity Falls Creator on Why Talents are Flocking to Netflix

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Alex Hirsch is the creator of Disney's Gravity Falls, and he has recently signed on a deal with Netflix to produce some animated shows. With all the talent flocking over to Netflix, Hirsch gives a shout-out to network execs on why the streaming service is attracting so many creatives.

Hirsch posts:

It's worth mentioning that Hirsch also adds the ‘fail' bit in his comment because though Netflix has been giving a lot of freedom for its showrunners, it hasn't always resulted in the best of reviews. From time to time you get hits like House of Cards and Stranger Things, but you also get downers like Bright and the American adaptation of Death Note.

Hirsch continues:


I'm really excited to see what Hirsch has to bring to Netflix, because it was amazing what he did with Gravity Falls; sure the show as kid friendly, but it also had some mature themes and jokes that made it past the Disney censors. I can only imagine what kind of show Hirsch has in mind if he was given the freedom to make anything.


For now, we still don't know what Hirsch is developing for Netflix, but hopefully we get an announcement before the year ends.

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