Gotta Catch em All! Pokemon GO Holiday Event Adds More Pokemon to the Game

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It's going to be the December holidays soon and Niantic decided to give Pokemon GO fans one hell of a gift before the New Year gives everyone a "fresh" start. As we succumb to the fact that year numbers shouldn't have any meaning, therefore nullifying all those "new year, new me" posts, Niantic is giving us new Pokemon for the hit mobile title to help us forget about our mortality.

Now that their official holiday event is underway, the following Pokemon have been spotted in the game:

- Snover
- Abomasnow
- Croagunk
- Toxicroack
- Skorupi
- Drapion
- Finneon
- Lumineon
- Bronzor
- Bronzong
- Chingling
- Mantyke
- Munchlax

While Pokemon like Chingling, Mantyke, and Munchlax can only be obtained via eggs, the rest of these monsters can be caught in the wild so those that haven't updated their game should do so. Most of these Pokemon come from the Diamond and Pearl era, which were considered disappointing to some but were still fairly solid games worthy of the Pokemon name.

Fans will also be happy to know that two holiday-themed Pokemon have been confirmed for the event: Delibird and Santa Hat Pikachu. Delibird is a cute bird that looks like Santa and Santa Hat Pikachu is exactly who you think it is, though this Pokemon doesn't sound like Ryan Reynolds.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.


Via Pokemon GO

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