James Gunn Debunks Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Trailer's Among Us Reference

Last week, Marvel Studios released the highly-anticipated first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which gave us our first look at the space-based team's next (and perhaps final) adventure in the MCU. Just like the first two films, it looks like the upcoming installment will be visually-stunning and full of awe and wonder as they explore more of the franchise's cosmic side.

One of the shots in the trailer that fans have been highlighting is the scene where we saw our favorite heroes wearing color-coded space suits. As a result, some fans believed that it is a reference to the popular mobile game Among Us. However, as it turns out, that is not actually the case.

After the trailer was released, cartoonist Scott Kurtz asked director James Gunn in a now-deleted tweet whether the scene in the trailer was a reference to the game. Gunn responded with a "No" and posted a picture from a film that the scene actually referenced, the 1968 classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

You can check the tweet here:

This should settle some of the fan assumptions that were going on on the internet ever since the trailer was released. While the idea of an Among Us reference sounds fun, especially with its popularity in the earlier days of the pandemic, at least we know that it is actually a reference to what consider by some people one of the best films of all time.

The film's synopsis reads: "Our beloved band of misfits are looking a bit different these days. Peter Quill, still reeling from the loss of Gamora, must rally his team around him to defend the universe along with protecting one of their own. A mission that, if not completed successfully, could quite possibly lead to the end of the Guardians as we know them."

The cast includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Will Poulter, Elizabeth Debicki, Sylvester Stallone, Chukwudi Iwuji, Sean Gunn, and Maria Bakalova.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is slated for release in theaters on May 5, 2023. You can check more details about it here.

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