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Gossip Girl Season 2 Spoilers, News & Update: Your Favorite Troublemaker is Back

Credit: The List/YouTube

New Gossip Girl Season 2 images reveal Georgina Sparks' comeback.

Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, was a well-known character in the original Gossip Girl. Georgina was introduced as Serena van der Woodsen's troublemaking friend, and her appearances on the show frequently coincided with some of the series' messiest storylines, such as convincing Dan Humphrey that he was the father of her kid, Milo. Georgina's reappearance was teased in a June teaser when her son became a key figure.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Confirms Return of Georgina Sparks

With the release of new Gossip Girl Season 2 images by Teen Vogue, Georgina's comeback is now officially confirmed. In the picture, Georgina is decked out and appears to be planning for a formal occasion.

The other pictures show the main Gossip Girl cast at school, as well as mean girls Luna La and Monet de Haan all dressed up.

The Gossip Girl universe was completely reimagined in the HBO Max reboot, which debuted in July 2021. All of the characters attend the same prep schools on the Upper East Side.

Despite not achieving the critical success of its original material, Gossip Girl was renewed for a second season. Though the program has made numerous callbacks and references to the original Gossip Girl major characters and features Kristen Bell as the narrator once again, only supporting characters like Blair Waldorf's dad Cyrus and her maid Dorota have made actual appearances.

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A Messier Gossip Girl Season 2?

Georgina appeared in the original Gossip Girl when the characters appeared to be devoid of trouble. Her arrival in the reboot will most likely take place around the same period.

Georgina's return may jeopardize the bargain she reached with Serena's ostensible series counterpart Julien Calloway at the end of Season 1. Georgina is likely to join, or at least support, her son Milo in his pursuits, which implies she could form a connection with Zoya Lott as well. Georgina is of a different generation than the main Gossip Girl characters, so it's unclear how she'll fit in.

Georgina took over the Gossip Girl site for a period in the original series, and perhaps she wants to see more of what has become of the scandal-driven empire.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 will premiere on Dec. 1 on HBO Max.

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