02 Sep 2021 5:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Good Smile's Iron Man Mark 85 Is Now On SALE At Amazon!

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBgSGvYwLC0

The people at Good Smile Company are going to have you grinning with glee once again, as amongst the plethora of fan favourite Marvel models that the company is known for keeping in their arsenal, their much coveted Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 85: Endgame Ver. DX is now on sale.

See it on Amazon: Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 85: Endgame Ver. DX

Initially being listed on Amazon at an RRP of $80.99, the discount now see's the price plummet to $68.70, leaving this model of the leading avenger to be that much more attainable!


The metallic paint clad figure comes complete with its own unique features that make it predominantly stand out from the crowd.

Full Articulation, allowing for a multitude of different poses, both for recreation and the user’s imagination.

It even features the iconic Nano Light Refocuser, a piece of nanotechnology unique to Iron Man and a frequent feature in his movies, comic book and TV appearances.

And for those looking to commemorate highly endeared movie moments while spending the minimal possible amount, it even includes a miniature-sized figure of Rescue.

The alter-ego of Pepper Potts, the former CEO of Stark Industries and eventual wife of Tony Stark’s. A companion to Iron Man, both on the battlefield and in his personal life.

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All of the above co-operate and advocate a facet of ways to recreate some of Endgame’s most memorable scenes; if you do so desire.


Additional to this, the model comes with its very own special stand based on the ultimate battle from the film. This also specifically allows it to be displayed side-by-side or even adjacent to the Captain America model of the same collection.

Despite Thor, Hawkeye and multiple others also being featured in the DX line of figures, they unfortunately, are yet to receive a stand that allows them to stand amongst their fellow Avengers. Don't let that put you off though, as deals like this are harder to find than most of the infinity stones themselves. 

See it on Amazon: Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 85: Endgame Ver. DX